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Depolymerase to assist bacterial killing, an article belonging to Peptides and enzymes against bacterial infection.

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A review article belonging to Peptides and enzymes against bacterial infection

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A review article belonging to Peptides and enzymes against bacterial infection

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An enzyme with outstanding activity against G-ve bacteria, an article belonging to Peptides and enzymes against bacterial infection

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Antibacterial photodynamic therapy to treat skin infection, an article belonging to Peptides and enzymes against bacterial infection

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Antibacterial photodynamic peptides to treat skin infection, an article belonging to Peptides and enzymes against bacterial infection

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A review article belonging to Engineering exosomes for biomedical research.

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A review article belonging to Engineering exosomes for biomedical research.

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A review article belonging to Engineering exosomes for biomedical research.

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Engineering exosomes to deliver a hydrophobic molecule to stem cells to treat osteoarthritis, belonging to Engineering exosomes for biomedical research.


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Antibacterial photodynamic peptides to treat skin infection, an article belonging to Peptides and enzymes against bacterial infection

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Exosomes from stem cells can enter the brain through the nose and cure autism, an article belonging to Engineering exosomes for biomedical research.

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Engineering exosomes to deliver miRNA to chondrocytes to treat osteoarthritis, an article belonging to Engineering exosomes for biomedical research.

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Site-specific covalent protein reaction enables protein immobilization, belonging to protein reactions

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A unique antibacterial mechanism, enabled by a site-specific reaction of Nck SH3.2 inside intestine cells, an article belonging to protein reactions

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A new synthetic method to access C-terminal photocaged peptides


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Enzyme assembly constructs a synthetic metabolic node inside E. coli and increases cascade biocatalysis in cells, an article belonging to Synthetic organelles for biosynthesis

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Covalent assembly of three enzymes into nano-machineries increases cascade biocatalysis in E. Coli, an article belonging to Synthetic organelles for biosynthesis

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